Maths & English Tuition at Kip McGrathKip

If you suspect your child needs additional tuition in maths or English, Kip McGrath’s fully qualified teachers are well placed to advise you. We offer tutoring to both primary and secondary school aged students in multiple areas of their school studies, including preparation for their SATs and GCSE tests.
On your first visit, your child will be given a educational assessment. This is the start of the journey. From this assessment we can target specific areas of weakness and create an individual learning programme for your child.

 Giving Your Child a brighter future!

At Kip McGrath, we:

  • have been helping children for over 30 years across the world,
  • believe that all children can succeed if given the right support,
  • have over 600 centers providing maths and English tutoring to school aged students,
  • help your children in a way that builds confidence and self esteem.

 Learning can be fun
We make sure your child enjoys coming. We do this by training our fully qualified teachers the art of bringing out the best in your child by their friendly manner and encouraging tone. It all happens in a bright friendly center.

Your child will enjoy coming and have fun at the same time as learning.

 Our Tutoring programs
A mixture of unique resources keeps your child engrossed in learning.

We offer programs in:

  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Writing and Spelling
  • English
  • Maths

At our center we provide:

  • A Free educational assessment
  • An Individual learning program
  • A wide variety of resources and activities that cater to the individual learning styles of your child
  • Computer assisted learning
  • Experienced and qualified school teachers using proven teaching methods
  • Curriculum written by qualified teachers

 Our goal is to:

  • Improve your child’s confidence
  • Make learning fun and engaging
  • Help students reach their full potential

 About our lessons:

  • 80 minute tutoring sessions
  • Small groups
  • One on one tutoring
  • Structured learning program

Essay Writing

  • Essay Writing is an essential skill for senior Secondary and tertiary students .
  • Kip McGrath’s popular Essay Writing course covers all the essential essay writing skills from analyzing the question to editing the final draft.

Intelligence Development

Develop intelligence, thinking and reasoning skills using Kip McGrath’s fully computer –based intelligence Development programs.

The specially designed programs includes tasks that focus on:

  • Increasing verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • Improving visual and auditory memory
  • Problem solving
  • Abstract thinking
  • Evaluation
  • Knowledge retention

Study Skills

  • Spending hours studying yet not achieving the result you want?
  • Finding it hard to get motivated to study ?
  • Overwhelmed by your classes and don’t even know where to start?
  • Concentration is a skill that can be learned
  • Time management and organization are the keys to effective study
  • Exam stress can be managed and channeled for success

Kip Maths Expert

  • Wants to be challenged in Maths
  • Finds math boring because it’s too easy and you already know that basic stuff
  • Needs high achievement in Maths for entry into maths intensive uni courses
  • Is good at maths and wants to do even better
  • Would much rather learn maths on the computer than from a boring old textbook.

This programmer, while tutor-aided, allows students to progress at their own pace .you can move quickly through activities to more complex and advanced problems to improve your skills and continually keep challenged.


Need help with reading for your kids?

Kids who struggle with reading are disadvantaged at school and in life. Reading difficulties are common in children, but with proper attention these difficulties can usually be identified and corrected.

The qualified tutors at Kip McGrath understand that reading difficulties are sensitive and potentially embarrassing for children and parents. At our centers all students are treated with respect and understanding. Appositive learning environment makes achievement natural and fun.